Plan your Db2 pureScale Feature installation (AIX)

Planning your Db2 pureScale Feature installation consists of writing a plan with all the tasks required before, during, and after the installation of this feature.

Installing the Db2 pureScale Feature requires that you:
  1. Write a plan with all the tasks and details.
  2. Perform the prerequisite and preinstallation tasks that you specified in your plan.
  3. Perform one of the installation methods that you chose in your plan.
  4. Perform the required post-installation tasks indicated in your plan.
  5. Perform any of the optional tasks.
Planning includes determining the high availability product that meets your needs, and the required network configuration and topology configurations to support them. The Db2 pureScale Feature provides continuous availability, disaster recovery, high availability, scalability, and consolidation considerations. Based on your particular environment, the type of workloads you handle, and disaster recovery requirements, Db2 provides continuous availability options to meet your specific needs:
  • Db2 pureScale Feature,
  • Geographically dispersed Db2 pureScale cluster (GDPC), or
  • High availability disaster recovery (HADR) in Db2 pureScale environments.
If you have not already read about these availability options, read topic Introduction to a Db2 pureScale environment.
After determining the HA product that meets your needs, you need to review the prerequisites and pre-installation tasks to support your HA solution. These include:
  1. Hardware support: Network configuration includes a choice of these networks:
    • RDMA protocol over InfiniBand (IB) network,
    • RDMA protocol over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) network, or
    • TCP/IP protocol over Ethernet (TCP/IP) network.
    Configuration of adapters and switches is required for IB or RoCE networks.
  2. Associated software
    • AIX® version, technology level, and service pack level
      • Installing the Db2 pureScale Feature by using the Db2 Setup wizard requires an X Window System (X11) or Virtual Network Computing (VNC) session to display the graphical user interface (GUI).
    • uDAPL is required for an IB or RoCE network
    • C++ runtime level
    • OpenSSH
    • Db2 installer automatically installs:
      • IBM Spectrum Scale, and
      • Tivoli® SA MP.
      (RSCT is installed as part of the AIX operating system installation.)
  3. Platform configuration:
    • Hardware and firmware (including cables and switches for an IB or RoCE network)
    • SSH must validate access between all hosts
    • Disk space that is required for various directories
    • The shared disk must have the same PVID configured on all the hosts for the tiebreaker disk and the IBM Spectrum Scale file system.
  4. A user name and group name (complete with passwords) is required to create the Db2 pureScale instance.
The following table lists the topics that you must review to create your Db2 pureScale Feature installation plan:
Table 1.
Task Details
Meeting the hardware, software and platform configuration prerequisites, and performing configuration preinstallation tasks
Advanced pre-installation tasks:
Installation task Choose one of these installation methods:
Performing post-installation tasks