Db2 cluster services port usage information

Db2 cluster services includes technology from IBM® Tivoli® System Automation for Multiplatforms (Tivoli SA MP) software, IBM Reliable Scalable Clustering Technology (RSCT) software, and IBM Spectrum Scale software.

For Db2 pureScale® Feature, these IBM Spectrum Scale and RSCT ports must be kept open:
Table 1. IBM Spectrum Scale port usage
Service name Port number Protocols
mmfsd (mmfsd64) 11912 TCP/IP
mmsdrserv 11912 TCP/IP
  1. For more information look for "IBM Spectrum Scale port usage" in the IBM documentation. A link to IBM Spectrum Scale version 4.2 is provided for reference. Ensure to use the version of the page corresponding to the running version of the software for the most applicable instructions.
  2. This port number can be customized. The default value is shown.

In addition to the Spectrum Scale daemon (mmfsd), some IBM Spectrum Scale commands also require TCP/IP ports to be available during execution. By default, random ports are chosen for these executions. If firewall is set up on each host or in the network, these randomly chosen ports are likely to be blocked, leading to failure of the commands. To work around this, Spectrum Scale provides a way to specify a range of ports for command execution: mmchconfig tscCmdPortRange=LowNumber-HighNumber

Service name Port number Protocols
cthats 123473 UDP
cthags 123483 UDP
rmc 6574 UDP
rmc 6574 TCP
  1. RSCT includes Tivoli SA MP.
  2. For more details, see, RSCT port usage
  3. This port number can be customized. The default value is shown.
  4. This port number is not configurable.