Highlights of Db2 11.5.9

Db2® 11.5.9 offers database efficiency, simplicity, and reliability in the form of new features and enhancements that address a wide variety of business requirements.

Improved CF performance for high-volume, high-read transactional workloads

Db2 pureScale® users can now increase the number of QE queues by setting the DB2_CF_SERVER_CACHE_STOCLASS_NUM_QE_QUEUES environment variable. This increase in queues reduces contention and improves the performance of the cluster caching facility.

Expanded table support for Automatic Table Maintenance (ATM)

With the release of Db2 11.5.9, users of ATM can now evaluate the need for index reorganization beyond base tables. Support is now extended to partitioned tables, multidimensional clustering tables (MDC), and insert time clustering tables (ITC).

Improvements to high availability

The UPDATE HISTORY command can now update any database history file entry to DB2HISTORY_STATUS_DO_NOT_DELETE. Database history file entries that are marked DB2HISTORY_STATUS_DO_NOT_DELETE are not pruned by calls to the PRUNE HISTORY command, by running the ADMIN_CMD procedure with PRUNE HISTORY, by calls to the db2Prune API, or automated database history file pruning.

Improved platform support for remote storage feature

With the release of Db2 11.5.9, the remote storage feature is now supported on Ubuntu 22.04, RHEL 9.2 (Linux 64-Bit, x86-64), RHEL 8.8 (Linux 64-Bit, POWER Little endian), and 11.5.9 continuous special build stream, starting with build ID s2312141118 and later for Linux 64-bit, System Z.