Db2 pureScale Feature enhancements

Db2 11.5.8 continues to build on Db2 pureScale feature support and provides several enhancements.

The following table displays a list of the new Db2 pureScale feature enhancements in 11.5.8:
Table 1. Db2 pureScale feature enhancements in 11.5.8
Enhancement Description
Avoid lock timeout due to explicit hierarchical locking (EHL). You can set a new environment variable to prevent the lock timeout error (SQL0911) from happening when an application is waiting for an object to exit a NOT_SHARED state. For more information, see Lock timeout consideration due to time required to exit the NOT_SHARED state.
Smarter concurrent fix pack updates for Db2 pureScale configurations (Linux & Unix) With the release of Db2 11.5.8, concurrent online fix pack updates can be run with a single command. In one operation, the installer now determines which hosts to update and the order for updating, and then applies the updates accordingly. For more information, see Running smarter concurrent fix pack updates for Db2 pureScale configurations.
Periodic RDMA Adapter Liveliness Monitor The Db2 Adapter Liveliness Monitor monitors the status of the Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) adapters on members and cluster caching facilities (CFs). By default, it performs the ping tests once a day between the members and the CF adapters. Round-trip time and other useful statistics are aggregated and retrievable with the new db2pd option -alm_in_memory. Additionally, the stats are hardened to a new file on disk in the diagnostic path to provide a historic view of the health of the RDMA network.
Db2 pureScale non-RDMA on AWS supported on RHEL and SLES You can deploy a self-managed, non-RDMA configuration of Db2 pureScale directly from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, with a choice of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) operating systems. In addition, support is extended to cross-region HADR deployments.
Db2 pureScale with RDMA now supported on RHEL 8.6 Intel, POWER LE and z15 architectures. Db2 pureScale with RDMA is now supported for Intel RHEL 8.6, for Intel/AMD, POWER LE and z15 architectures. This configuration features Converged Ethernet (RoCE) as the low latency network communication between member and CF.
HADR with Db2 pureScale now supported on RHEL 8.6 z15 architectures HADR configurations of Db2 pureScale with RDMA are now supported on RHEL 8.6 for z15, for ASYNC, SYNC, NEARSYNC, and SUPERASYNC synchronization modes.
Db2 pureScale supports POWER 10. Db2 pureScale is now supported on the POWER 10 architecture.
Db2 pureScale on AIX supports Priority Flow Control (PFC). Db2 pureScale on AIX now supports the use of PFC (IEEE 802.1Qbb), in addition to the previous support for Global Pause (IEEE 802.3x).
DB2_DIRECT_IO registry variable automatically set to ON when running Db2 pureScale for IBM Z on Linux systems. For Db2 pureScale for IBM Z on Linux systems, the Db2 registry variable DB2_DIRECT_IO will be automatically set to ON, removing the requirement to set this configuration manually.
Support for Db2 pureScale on RHEL 8.6 on IBM z15 With the release of Db2 V11.5.8, Db2 pureScale has extended support to RHEL 8.6 on Linux on IBM z15 with RoCE as the high speed interconnect network among members and CFs.