Deprecated functionality in Db2 11.5.7

Functionality gets marked as deprecated when a specific function or feature is supported in the current release but might be removed in a future release. In some cases, it might be advisable to plan to discontinue the use of deprecated functionality.

Attention: This mod pack release is currently available for the following Db2 products: Db2 on Cloud and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud will be updated to version 11.5.7 early in 2022.
The following Db2 functionality is deprecated in version 11.5.7:
Table 1. Summary of deprecated functionality in version 11.5.7
Deprecated capability Details Resolution
LOAD ‘CLIENT’ option with remote storage alias, when performed on a remote client host. LOAD operation with the ‘CLIENT’ option and with a remote storage object specified, when performed on a remote client host (different from the database server host) is deprecated. Consider performing the LOAD with remote storage alias directly on the database server host, or using the LOAD command using the ADMIN_CMD procedure.
INGEST with remote storage alias. INGEST operation with a remote storage object specified is deprecated. When data is to be read from remote storage, consider accessing the data via an EXTERNAL TABLE, or populating an existing table using the LOAD command.
SHA-1 cipher suites The use of SHA-1 cipher suites for Transport Layer Security (TLS) is deprecated. If the SSL_CIPHERSPECS database manager configuration is configured to use any of the SHA-1 cipher suites, unset this parameter or set it to any of the other, more secure options. See ssl_cipherspecs - Supported cipher specifications at the server configuration parameter.
Bypass federated authentication The FED_NOAUTH database manager configuration parameter is deprecated. Enabling this feature can lead to unauthenticated access to Db2 databases. Set the FED_NOAUTH database manager configuration parameter to NO.