Workload management enhancements

Db2 11.5.6 extends the workload management capabilities provided in previous releases.

Attention: This mod pack release is currently available for the following Db2 products:
The following table lists workload management enhancements that have been added to the Db2 11.5.6 release:
Table 1. Workload management enhancements in 11.5.6
Enhancement Description
Activity sort memory limits Use activity sort memory limits let to specify the maximum percentage of the configured shared sort memory (SHEAPTHRES_SHR) that individual queries executing in the database or in a specific service class are allowed to consume. Activity sort memory limits will only be enforced for queries that are managed by the adaptive workload manager.
Enablement of Adaptive Workload Manager The adaptive workload manager automatically controls the admission of queries for execution to ensure that concurrently executing queries do not overwhelm the available resources. Enabling the adaptive workload manager requires the migration of some workload manager objects.
If needed, restoring the legacy environment can still be done.