Spatial Analytics enhancements

Db2 11.5.6 contains enhancements for Spatial Analytics that improve usability and functionality.

Attention: This mod pack release is currently available for the following Db2 products:
The following table displays a list of Spatial Analytics enhancements in 11.5.6:
Table 1. Spatial Analytics enhancements in 11.5.6
Enhancement Description
New spatial function ST_Ellipse This function creates a polygon geometry type approximating an ellipse based on the center point, the semi major and minor axis, number of segments, tilt and unit of measure as well as the spatial reference system identifier.
Support for aggregate functions The newly added functions ST_Union and ST_Grandmbr are added the provide methods to aggregate multiple geometries.
Support for subset of GeoJSON The newly added functions ST_AsGeoJSON and enhancements to the geometry constructors and ST_GeomFromText adds functionality to parse GeoJSON documents based on RFC 7946. When provided as input the geometry type and coordinates array are parsed and stored in the matching spatial type column. Stored geometries can be converted into a GeoJSON text string. This enhancement adds GeoJSON as a transport format along WKT, WKB, GML, and KML (KML is output only).
db2se program support for Spatial Analytics A number of existing commands now support the Spatial Analytics configuration. These commands include the create_srs, alter_srs, drop_srs, register_column, and unregister_column commands.