Deprecated functionality in 11.5.6

Functionality gets marked as deprecated when a specific function or feature is supported in the current release but might be removed in a future release. In some cases, it might be advisable to plan to discontinue the use of deprecated functionality.

For example, a registry variable might be deprecated in this release because the behavior that is triggered by the registry variable has been enabled by default in this release. The obsolete registry variable will be removed in a future release.

Review the details for each deprecation and plan how to manage future changes. Also, review the Discontinued functionality that might affect your databases and existing applications.

Db2 functionality

The following Db2 functionality is deprecated in 11.5.6:
Table 1. Summary of deprecated functionality in 11.5.6
Deprecated capability Details Resolution
db2cluster -cm -list -configuration option

This specific option (db2cluster -cm -list -configuration) under the db2cluster command has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

For more information refer to db2cluster - Manage Db2 cluster services command.

None available