Changes to registry and environment variables in Db2 version 11.5.6

To support new and changed functionality in Db2 version 11.5.6, a number of changes were made to registry and environment variables.

Changed registry variables

Table 1. Changed registry variables in version 11.5.6
Registry variable New behavior
DB2RSHCMD Starting in version 11.5.6, when the DB2RSHCMD registry variable is not set, ssh is now the default communication protocol used when starting remote database partitions and with the db2_all script to run utilities and commands on all database partitions. The rsh protocol can still be used (but is not recommended) by setting the DB2RSHCMD registry variable for rsh. For more information, see DB2RSHCMD.
DB2_ANONYMOUS_ESQL_EXECUTION_BLOCK The DB2_ANONYMOUS_ESQL_EXECUTION_BLOCK variable changes the anonymous block execution path from the CALL statement flow to the EXECUTE SQL execution flow. This change allows you to use INPUT and OUTPUT parameters in both the USING and INTO clauses, to get correct values in output.