Discontinued functionality

Discontinued functionality that has been removed in 11.5.4 and is no longer available. You need to make changes if you were using that functionality in previous releases.

Attention: Discontinued features in this mod pack release affect the following Db2 products:
The following Db2 functionality is discontinued in 11.5.4:
Table 1. Summary of discontinued functionality in version 11.5.4
Discontinued capability Details Resolution
IBM® Db2 Secure Shell Server For Windows Install SFTP/SSH server on Windows using OpenSSH as a replacement for the discontinued capability. SSH is required to support some IBM Data Server Manager (DSM) administrative requests. If your database is administered through DSM, please assure that DSM Fixpack v2.1.5.5 or later is installed before proceeding to deploy and use the Microsoft Windows SSH. See Removal of IBM Db2 Secure Shell Server in Windows environments for details
32-bit support for Linux PowerPC Little Endian (PPCLE) system and 64-bit S/390 (s390x) systems 32-bit support is no longer available for these environments. Update your applications to use 64 bit libraries.