SQL compatibility enhancements

Db211.5.1 contains enhancements that reduce the time and complexity of enabling applications that were written for other relational database products to run in Db2 environments.

Note: The enhancements in this topic are included in the Db2 11.5.1 mod pack release, which is available for the following Db2 products:
The following table displays a list of SQL compatibility enhancements in the container-only release of Db2 11.5.1:
Table 1. SQL compatibility enhancements in 11.5.1
Enhancement Description
Netezza expressions now able to be referenced in a WHERE clause by an alias A new Netezza® Platform Software (NPS) compatibility feature allows expressions to be referenced in the WHERE clause by its alias in a select list.
New module added to the SYSIBMADM schema A new module, DBMS_LOCK, has been added to the SYSIBMADM schema. The DBMS_LOCK package makes Oracle lock management services available to PL/SQL developers.