Changes to administrative views in Db2 11.5.1

To support new and changed functionality in the release of Db2 11.5.1, a number of changes were made to administrative variables.

Attention: Changes in version 11.5.1 affect the following Db2 products:


Changed administrative views
These environment and registry variables are new in version 11.5.1:
Table 1. Changes to existing administrative views
Administrative view Description
ADMINTABINFO A new column, STATSPROFTYPE, returns a single CHAR value (A, U or NULL) that indicates whether an automatically generated statistics profile or a user-generated statistics profile was created for the table.
SYSIBMADM.PRIVILEGES Two new columns, PARENTOBJECTNAME and PARENTOBJECTTYPE, have been added. When column privileges are granted, the parent object now appears as the table to which the column belongs. In addition, the privilege, SET SESSION (SETSESSIONUSER), has been added for surrogate auth IDs.


Review the list of the deprecated administrative routines and the associated replacement routines or views to determine any additional changes that might impact your applications and scripts. To minimize the impact of changes to built-in routines and views, review Best practices for calling built-in routines and views in applications.

For a list of the data dictionary-compatible views, see Data dictionary-compatible views.