Manageability enhancements

11.5 provides enhancements that make it easier to manage Db2 environments, minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO), reduce the impact of performing system management tasks, and extend the capabilities of the autonomic features introduced in previous releases.

The following table displays a list of manageability enhancements in 11.5:
Table 1. Manageability enhancements in 11.5
Enhancement Description
External Table (ET) Support including Object Store support With the CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE command, you can store data outside a Db2 database while retaining the ability to query that data.
LOB support for columnar tables Db2 11.5 supports larger string/binary data types like LOBS. By using CLOB, BLOB, DBCLOB data types you can store and retrieve more than 32KB of data in column-organized tables.
Support for compiled SQL PL scalar functions in DPF The Db2 database partitioning feature (DPF) now supports compiled SQL PL scalar and aggregate user-defined functions. See CREATE FUNCTION for more information.