Discontinued functionality in Db2 11.5

Discontinued functionality is removed in Db2 11.5 and is no longer available. You need to make changes if you were using that functionality in previous releases.

Db2 functionality

The following Db2 functionality is discontinued in version 11.5:
Table 1. Summary of discontinued functionality in 11.5
Discontinued capability Details Resolution
IBM Db2 JDBC Universal Driver Architecture (JDBC 3 Driver) The JDBC 3 driver is based on the JDBC 3.0 specification and is aligned with JRE1.4 which is now not supported. Use the JDBC 4 driver based on the JDBC 4.0 specification. Migration document link is provided here
Resource Description Framework (RDF) application development RDF has been discontinued. There is currently no replacement for this feature.
NSE application development Net Search Extender (NSE) is no longer supported in Db2. Use the Db2 Text Search feature.