Compression and Space Reclamation enhancements for column-organized tables

Db2 11.5 contains numerous compression and space reclamation enhancements for column-organized tables that continue to make Db2 an industrial-strength database solution that is suitable for any size of organization.

The following table displays a list of compression and space reclamation enhancements for column-organized tables in version 11.5:
Table 1. Compression and space reclamation enhancements in version 11.5
Enhancement Description
New compression daemon EDU db2cmpd executes compression related tasks in the background.
Automatic Recompress feature for tables If an insert operation is used to populate a table, automatic creation of the compression dictionaries begin once a threshold count of rows are inserted into the table. This design ensures that a large enough sample of rows exists to build dictionaries that yield an adequate compression ratio. Rows that are inserted before the compression dictionaries are created populated and are not initially compressed. Rows inserted after dictionary creation will be compressed. The Automatic Recompress feature for tables uses the new compression daemon to asynchronously check for tables that contain rows that have not been compressed at the front of the table. It then recompresses those rows in place which may leave empty extents in the table. These empty extents can be reclaimed later. Only the values at the front of the table that were inserted before the dictionary was created will be recompressed. The Automatic Recompress feature runs online, concurrent with other insert, update, delete, and select transactions. In addition to improving space utilization, it will also improve query performance which is more efficient processing encoded data. As a result, queries will run faster on a table where the front part of the table has been recompressed with the dictionary. The Automatic Recompress feature requires no user intervention, and uses the REORG TABLE command with a new RECOMPRESS option to recompress the rows. The user may notice the REORG TABLE ... RECOMPRESS command while monitoring the table. For simplicity, this feature is fully automated and manual execution of this RECOMPRESS option is not supported
Enhancements to REORG TABLE... RECLAIM EXTENTS REORG TABLE... RECOMPRESS encodes and compresses the data in place and may leave empty extents in table. REORG TABLE... RECLAIM EXTENTS has been enhanced to find these empty extents and reclaim them so that other tables in the same table space may reuse them.