Validating your Db2 copy

The db2val command ensures that your Db2 copy is functioning properly.

About this task

The db2val tool verifies the core function of a Db2 copy by validating installation files, instances, database creation, connections to that database, and the state of partitioned database environments. This validation can be helpful if you have manually deployed a Db2 copy on Linux® and UNIX operating systems using tar.gz files. The db2val command can quickly ensure that all the configuration has been correctly done and ensure that the Db2 copy is what you expect it to be. You can specify instances and databases or you can run db2val against all of the instances. The db2val command can be found in the DB2-install-path\bin and sqllib/bin directories.


For example, to validate all the instances for the Db2 copy, run the following command:
   db2val -a
For complete db2val command details and further example, refer to the db2val - Db2 copy validation tool command topic.