Installing a fix pack for multiple database products (Windows)

Follow these instructions to install a fix pack on a system with multiple Db2® database products installed. The setup command is used to install the fix pack.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you meet all of the fix pack prerequisites. Refer to Checking fix pack prerequisites.
  • Ensure that you have the appropriate installation user accounts. In general, the user account must belong to the Administrators group on the machine where you will perform the installation.
  • If there is more than one Db2 database product installed in the selected path, you can use a universal fix pack image to install the fix pack.


To install a fix pack:

  1. Change to the folder where the unzipped files are located.
    The setup command is located under the folder labelled with the abbreviated product name. For example, Db2 Enterprise Server Edition is under ESE.
  2. Right click the setup.exe file, and select Run as administrator to start the Db2 Setup wizard.
    The Db2 Setup wizard launchpad opens.
    The Db2 Setup wizard detects the installed Db2 database products.
    • If all the product images are extracted into subdirectories under the same parent directory, the Db2 Setup wizard automatically starts the installation of all Db2 database products without prompting you.
    • If the product images are extracted into different directories, the Db2 Setup wizard detects the installed Db2 database products and prompts you for the directory paths.
    Online help is available to guide you through the wizard. To start online help, click Help or press F1.

What to do next

Perform the necessary post-installation tasks for fix packs. Refer to Post-installation tasks for fix packs (Windows).