SYSCAT.CONTEXTS catalog view

Each row represents a trusted context.

Table 1. SYSCAT.CONTEXTS Catalog View
Column Name Data Type Nullable Description
CONTEXTNAME VARCHAR (128)   Name of the trusted context.
CONTEXTID INTEGER   Identifier for the trusted context.
SYSTEMAUTHID VARCHAR (128)   The system authorization ID associated with the trusted context.
DEFAULTCONTEXTROLE VARCHAR (128) Y The default role for the context.
CREATE_TIME TIMESTAMP   Time at which the trusted context was created.
ALTER_TIME TIMESTAMP   Time at which the trusted context was last altered.
ENABLED CHAR (1)   Trusted context state.
  • N = Disabled
  • Y = Enabled
AUDITPOLICYID INTEGER Y Identifier for the audit policy.
AUDITPOLICYNAME VARCHAR (128) Y Name of the audit policy.
AUDITEXCEPTIONENABLED CHAR (1)   Reserved for future use.
REMARKS VARCHAR (254) Y User-provided comments, or the null value.