AUTHORIZATIONIDS administrative view - Retrieve authorization IDs and types

The AUTHORIZATIONIDS administrative view returns a list of all the users, roles, and groups that exist in the database catalog of the currently connected server as a result of GRANT statements. Each authorization ID and associated type that is returned by the view has at least one privilege, authority, or role membership. The users that are currently members of any of the groups are not included in the result.

The schema is SYSIBMADM.


One of the following authorizations is required:
  • SELECT privilege on the AUTHORIZATIONIDS administrative view
  • CONTROL privilege on the AUTHORIZATIONIDS administrative view
  • DATAACCESS authority
  • DBADM authority
  • SQLADM authority
  • ACCESSCTRL authority
  • SECADM authority

Default PUBLIC privilege

In a non-restrictive database, SELECT privilege is granted to PUBLIC when the view is automatically created.


Retrieve all authorization IDs that have been granted privileges or authorities, along with their types.
The following is an example of output for this query.
AUTHID                              AUTHIDTYPE
-------------------------...------- ----------
PUBLIC                              G         
JESSICAE                            U         
DOCTOR                              R

  3 record(s) selected.

Information returned

Table 1. Information returned by the AUTHORIZATIONIDS administrative view
Column name Data type Description
AUTHID VARCHAR(128) Authorization ID that has been explicitly granted privileges or authorities.
AUTHIDTYPE CHAR(1) Authorization ID type:
  • U: user
  • R: role
  • G: group