Planning to upgrade Db2 clients

Planning the upgrade of your clients requires that you review all of the applicable upgrade prerequisites, pre-upgrade tasks, upgrade tasks and post-upgrade tasks.


To create an upgrade plan for your Db2 clients:

  1. Write the upgrade plan for Db2 clients, using all the details that apply to your environment:
    Table 1. Upgrade plan details for Db2 clients.
    Upgrade plan Details
    Prerequisites Ensure that you:
    Pre-upgrade tasks Include the following tasks: In addition, check the list of Pre-upgrade tasks for clients for optional tasks that you might want to perform for your environment such as Upgrading clients in a test environment.
    Upgrade task You must include these steps:
    • Install Db2 version 11.1 client
    • Upgrade client instance
    Review the following upgrade tasks to determine the additional steps that are required to upgrade your environment:
    Post-upgrade tasks Include the following tasks:
  2. Combine with the upgrade plan for other components such as Db2 servers, database applications, and routines to create an overall upgrade plan for your Db2 environment.