Main menu entries for Db2 tools (Linux)

After installation, you can add several Db2 tools to the Main menu.

On Linux® operating systems, the following Db2 tools can be added to the Main menu:
  • Check for Db2 Updates
  • Command Line Processor (CLP)
  • Command Line Processor Plus (CLPPlus)
  • First Steps
These Db2 tools can be added to the main menu automatically or manually. Main menu entries are created automatically when any of the following Db2 commands are run:
  • db2icrt
  • db2iupdt
  • db2nrcfg
  • db2nrupdt.
The db2icrt and db2iupdt commands can be run by both root and non-root user. The db2nrcfg and db2nrupdt are for non-root install and are run by the instance owner.

To see the menu entries you might need to restart the desktop.

The main menu entries are automatically removed when either of the following commands are run:
  • db2_deinstall (only removes the menu entries for the Db2 non-root instance when the non-root installation is removed)
  • db2idrop.
In addition, you can manually create or remove main menu entries by running the following commands:
  • db2addicons − to add menu entries
  • db2rmicons − to remove menu entries.

Before running the db2addicons command, the Db2 instance environment must be set for the current user. The instance environment can be setup with: Instance_HOME/sqllib/db2profile (for Bourne shell and Korn shell users), or Instance_HOME/sqllib/db2chsrc (for C shell users), where Instance_HOME is the instance owner's home directory.