Support changes for 32-bit and 64-bit Db2 servers

Db2 Version 9.1 or later provides support for 32-bit operating systems on Linux® on x86 and Windows operating systems, and 64-bit operating systems on UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems.

For more details about supported architectures on each operating system, see Installation requirements for Db2 database products.

You cannot specify the bit size for the instance when you create or upgrade an instance. The bit size for new instances is determined by the operating system where Db2 version 11.1 is installed. The following table summarizes the Db2 version 11.1 bit size support that is available for each of the following operating systems:

Table 1. Db2 version 11.1 32-bit and 64-bit support available per operating system
Operating systems Db2 version 11.1 support available
  • 32-bit Windows on x86 and x64 (Using 32-bit product)
  • 32-bit Linux on x86
  • 64-bit Windows on x64 (Using Db2 Version 11.1 32-bit product)
For Db2 version 11.1 Developer Edition:
  • 32-bit instances only
  • 32-bit Db2 client, and GUI tools packages
  • 32-bit IBM® Software Development Kit (SDK) for Java™
  • 64-bit Windows on x64
  • 64-bit Linux kernel on x64, POWER®, and zSeries
  • 64-bit instances
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Db2 libraries available
  • 64-bit Db2 server and client
  • 64-bit applications and routines
  • 32-bit client side application support
  • 32-bit fenced stored procedures/UDFs only (non- Java)
  • Java fenced Stored Procedures/UDFs
  • 64-bit IBM SDK for Java
The changes in 32-bit and 64-bit support can have an impact in your applications depending on the shared library path that you indicated when you linked the Db2 libraries to your applications. If you specified the Db2 installation path, the applications fail to run because the Db2 version 11.1 copy has a different installation path. However, if you linked the libraries using the library path under the instance home directory, your applications will run successfully in the following cases:
  • If you have 32-bit instances and you upgrade to Db2 version 11.1 Developer Edition on a 32-bit system. You can only upgrade to 32-bit instances on 32-bit Windows or 32-bit Linux on x86. For any other editions in Db2 version 11.1, you must upgrade to 64-bit system.
  • If you have 64-bit instances and you upgrade to Db2 version 11.1 on a 64-bit system. You can only upgrade to a 64-bit instance on a 64-bit system.

If you have 32-bit instances and you upgrade to Db2 version 11.1 on a 64-bit system, you must manage incompatibilities so that your applications and routines can run successfully. Incompatibilities arise because of discontinued functionality or incorrect shared library path specification. Table 1 summarizes the details on the available 32-bit and 64-bit support. For example, 32-bit unfenced stored procedures in any supported language except Java are not supported. By dropping and recreating these stored procedures as fenced you can resolve this issue.