Migration from non-Db2 relational database management systems

Migrating from a non-Db2 relational database management system is a more complex process than migrating from a Db2 database product. Therefore, you must carefully determine what the migration process entails and create a porting plan.

The porting plan must include tasks such as, converting your database objects to create the equivalent database objects in a Db2 database, moving the actual data to the new Db2 database and porting your database applications. Porting your applications refers to converting SQL statements, modifying interface calls, and converting any database-specific code to access Db2 databases.

The most common approaches to converting database application code are manual conversion, dynamic call translation, and automated conversion. In general, conversion tools take source code as input and translate data management calls to equivalent SQL calls. Information from the source and target database, and the program code, is used to build the new SQL statements.

The IBM® Database Conversion Workbench (DCW) integrates many of the tools that are used for database conversions into a single integrated development environment. Whether converting to Db2 database from another relational database management system (RDBMS), or moving from one version of Db2 database to another version, DCW provides an easy to use framework to take you through the conversion process. DCW is available as a complementary download from the IBM Database Conversion Workbench web page.

The most important and frequently accessed resources that IBM offers to help all aspects of migration from a non-Db2 relational database management systems are as follows:
  • The Migration station Web page can help you to find the information that you need to port your application and its data from other database management systems. This web page describes the common migration steps and provides resources including tools and education. Additional resources are provided for IBM customers and IBM Business Partners.

  • The IBM Virtual Innovation Center (VIC) is an online knowledge and enablement center that provides educational courses, live mentoring, online technical support, solution roadmaps, client simulations, answers to FAQs, case studies, and discussion forums.

  • The Db2 Migration Factory end-to-end offering for strategic IBM Business Partners that includes migration toolkits, complementary online education, information, sales teams, and other resources to assist you in planning and implementing your migration to Db2 products from Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL server.

  • The developerWorks® Information Management website offers technical resources for Db2 Information Management software. It features product information, downloads, learning resources, support, and communities. On this website, you can find many articles and tutorials that can help you to learn about the functionality of Db2 database products and how to use them in your applications.