First occurrence data capture information

First occurrence data capture (FODC) collects diagnostic information about a Db2® instance, host or member when a problem occurs. FODC reduces the need to reproduce a problem to obtain diagnostic information, because diagnostic information can be collected as the problem occurs.

FODC can be invoked manually with the db2fodc command when you observe a problem or invoked automatically whenever a predetermined scenario or symptom is detected. After the diagnostic information has been collected, it is used to help determine the potential causes of the problem. In some cases, you might be able to determine the problem cause yourself, or involvement from IBM support personnel will be required.

Once execution of the db2fodc command has finished, the db2support tool must be executed to collect the resulting diagnostic files and prepare the FODC package to be submitted to IBM Support. The db2support command will collect the contents of all FODC package directories found or specified with the -fodcpath parameter. This is done to avoid additional requests, from IBM Support for diagnostic information.