Description of db2expln output

Explain output from the db2expln command includes both package information and section information for each package.

  • Package information includes the date of the bind operation and relevant bind options
  • Section information includes the section number and the SQL or XQuery statement being explained

Explain output pertaining to the chosen access plan for the SQL or XQuery statement appears under the section information.

The steps of an access plan, or section, are presented in the order that the database manager executes them. Each major step is shown as a left-aligned heading with information about that step indented under it. Indentation bars are displayed in the left margin of the explain output for an access plan. These bars also mark the scope of each operation. Operations at a lower level of indentation, farther to the right, are processed before those that appear in the previous level of indentation.

The chosen access plan is based on an augmented version of the original SQL statement, the effective SQL statement if statement concentrator is enabled, or the XQuery statement that is shown in the output. Because the query rewrite component of the compiler might convert the SQL or XQuery statement into an equivalent but more efficient format, the access plan shown in explain output might differ substantially from what you expect. The explain facility, which includes the explain tables, and the SET CURRENT EXPLAIN MODE statement, shows the actual SQL or XQuery statement that was used for optimization in the form of an SQL- or XQuery-like statement that is created by reverse-translating the internal representation of the query.

When you compare output from db2expln to output from the explain facility, the operator ID option (-opids) can be useful. Each time that db2expln begins processing a new operator from the explain facility, the operator ID number is printed to the left of the explained plan. The operator IDs can be used to compare steps in the different representations of the access plan. Note that there is not always a one-to-one correspondence between the operators in explain facility output and the operations shown by db2expln.