Moving from an RDMA protocol network to a TCP/IP protocol network

In Db2® Cancun Release and later fix packs, you can run a Db2 pureScale® environment on a Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol over Ethernet (TCP/IP) network.

Before you begin

Ensure you have reviewed the appropriate topics to configure a TCP/IP network.

About this task

Running your Db2 pureScale environment on a TCP/IP protocol network can be especially useful in a test or development environment that has workloads with modest data sharing needs.


To move your existing Db2 pureScale instance from an RDMA protocol network to a TCP/IP protocol network:

  1. If you use a netname that is not the same hostname or IP address as the hostname of the member or CF, you must update the /etc/hosts file with the new netname.
  2. Stop the Db2 pureScale instance (db2stop command). Ensure all members and CFs are stopped.
  3. Update the netnames on the members and the CFs with the db2iupdt -update command.
    For example:
    1. To update the member netname:
      db2iupdt -update -m MemberHostName -mnet MemberHostName -u FencedID InstName
    2. To update the CF netname:
      db2iupdt -update -cf CFHostName -cfnet CFNetName -u FencedID InstName
  4. Verify the db2nodes.cfg file is updated and indicates a TCP/IP protocol.
    For example:
    0 coralxib10 0 coralxib10 - MEMBER
    1 coralxib11 0 coralxib11 - MEMBER
    2 coralxib12 0 coralxib12 - MEMBER
    128 coralxib13 0 coralxib13 - CF
    129 coralxib14 0 coralxib14 - CF
  5. Update the CF_TRANSPORT_METHOD database manager configuration parameter to TCP.
    For example:
    db2 update dbm cfg using CF_TRANSPORT_METHOD TCP
    Verify the transport method is TCP/IP. For example:
    db2 get dbm cfg | grep -i transp
    Transport method to CF          (CF_TRANSPORT_METHOD) = TCP
  6. Start the Db2 pureScale instance (db2start command).


Your Db2 pureScale environment is now running on a TCP/IP protocol network.