Warnings and errors when performing Net Search Extender post-installation verification

The nsesample post-installation verification script (part of the Net Search Extender installation) might generate warnings and errors such as SQL3149N and SQL0803N. The Net Search Extender Administration and User's Guide states that the script should run without any errors.


The nsesample script reports warnings and errors if you have an existing connection to a database at the time you run the script. For example:
  • SQL3148W: A row from the input file was not inserted into the table. SQLCODE sqlcode was returned.
  • SQL0803N: One or more values in the INSERT statement, UPDATE statement, or foreign key update that is caused by a DELETE statement are not valid because the primary key, unique constraint, or unique index that is identified by index-id constrains table table-name from having duplicate rows for those columns.
If you have an existing database connection, the script fails to create the new database.


The nsesample.bat script does no error checking, and does not include an explicit CONNECT RESET command prior to attempting to create the database that was specified when running the validation script nsesample.bat. Subsequent steps fail as it tries to connect to the database and insert data. The script does not perform any clean-up either, which might be necessary to facilitate the subsequent steps in the PDF instructions. Clean-up is needed before any retesting is attempted.

Resolving the problem

To resolve this issue, remove or rename the nsesample.log and start a new CLP session. Issue the command DB2 CONNECT RESET to ensure that there are no existing database connections and try the script again. If the script was run previously, use a new database name, or drop the tables that are created as part of this testing (namely db2ext.texttab and db2ext.htmltab).