Setting communication protocols for a Db2 instance

Setting communication protocols for a Db2 instance is part of the main task of configuring TCP/IP or SSL communications for a Db2 instance.

Before you begin

To perform this task you require SYSADM authority.

About this task

The DB2COMM registry variable allows you to set communication protocols for the current Db2 instance. If the DB2COMM registry variable is undefined or set to null, no protocol connection managers are started when the database manager is started.

The DB2COMM registry variable can be set with the following keywords:
starts TCP/IP support
starts SSL support


To set the communication protocol for the instance:

Enter the db2set DB2COMM command from the Db2 command window:
     db2set DB2COMM=tcpip 


For example, to set the database manager to start connection managers for the TCP/IP communication protocols, enter the following command:
   db2set DB2COMM=tcpip