Gathering pre-upgrade diagnostic information

Before creating or upgrading an instance and before updating to the next fix pack, you might need to gather diagnostic information to help troubleshoot any problem that might come up after the upgrade or update.

Before you begin

Some of the collections that are performed will take a long time to complete. Please have a sufficient amount of time before your scheduled upgrade or update to complete the collection of the diagnostic information.

About this task

If you plan to create or upgrade an instance, or update to the next available fix pack, it is helpful to gather performance, configuration, and environment information to help diagnose any future problems that might arise after you perform the upgrade or update. The gathering of this diagnostic information is done through the db2fodc -preupgrade and db2support -preupgrade commands.


You must be using version 9.7 Fixpack 5 or later to use the db2fodc -preupgrade and db2support -preupgrade commands.


To gather a sufficient amount of information to diagnose any future problems that might arise when performing an upgrade or update, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Issue the db2fodc -db database_name -preupgrade command at high usage and idle times.
    This command collects performance related information that might be needed for future problems. After collection is completed the information is stored in a newly created directory named FODC_Preupgrade_<timestamp>_<member>.
    Note: To gather better performance information, issue the db2fodc -preupgrade command multiple times at different usage levels. This gives IBM support a more complete picture of the performance of Db2®.
  2. Issue the db2support -preupgrade -d database_name command.

    This command collects configuration and environment information, and information from the FODC preupgrade directories created previously.


After collection is completed a file which contains all the collected information is created in the current directory.

What to do next

If any problems arise after the upgrade or update you might be required to send the file to IBM support for analysis. The file must be kept until it is determined that the upgrade or update is functioning normally.