Validating the db2dsdriver.cfg file

Use the db2cli command to locate and validate the db2dsdriver.cfg file.

Before you begin

Ensure that the db2dsdriver.cfg file is created in your environment. You can use the contents of the db2dsdriver.cfg.sample file to create the db2dsdriver.cfg file.

About this task

You can verify the location of the db2dsdriver.cfg file and the data source name (DSN) entries that are specified in the db2dsdriver.cfg file.


To verify the presence of the db2dsdriver.cfg file and validate the DSN entries in the db2dsdriver.cfg file, issue the db2cli validate -dsn <dsn_name> command or the db2cli validate -all command. The <dsn_name> can be any DSN. If you specify the -all option for the db2cli validate command, every database and DSN entries present in the db2dsdriver.cfg file is validated.


The db2dsdriver.cfg file location is displayed in the command output after the db2dsdriver.cfg Pathtext.

All specified IBM® data server driver configuration keywords and associated values for the DSN are displayed under each DSN entry.


$ db2cli validate -dsn sampledsn

IBM DATABASE 2 Interactive CLI Sample Program
(C) COPYRIGHT International Business Machines Corp. 1993,1996
All Rights Reserved
Licensed Materials - Property of IBM
US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or
disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.
  [ CLI Driver Version  : 10.0X.XXXX ]
  [ Informational Tokens: "Db2 v10.X.X.X","sXXXXXX","IPXXXXX","Fixpack  X" ]
  [ CLI Driver Type     : IBM Data Server Driver Package ]
  [ db2diag.log Path    : /home/usr1/sqllib/db2dump/db2diag.log ]

db2dsdriver.cfg Schema Validation :
Success: The schema validation operation completed successfully.
The configuration file /home/usr1/sqllib/cfg/db2dsdriver.cfg is valid

db2cli.ini Validation :
Note: The validation operation utility could not find the
configuration file named db2cli.ini.
The file is searched at /home/usr1u/sqllib/cfg/db2cli.ini

db2dsdriver.cfg Validation :
  [ DB2DSDRIVER_CFG_PATH env var : unset ]
  [ db2dsdriver.cfg Path         : /home/usr1/sqllib/cfg/db2dsdriver.cfg ]
  [ List of keywords used for DSN : sampledsn ]
    Keywords                  Valid For     Value
    DATABASE                  CLI,.NET,ESQL sample
    HOSTNAME                  CLI,.NET,ESQL
    PORT                      CLI,.NET,ESQL 19766

The validation completed.

What to do next

Test the database connectivity.