Removing IBM Global Security Kit packages with the pkgrm command line tool

To remove IBM® Global Security Kit (GSKit) packages using the pkgrm command line tool, follow this procedure.

About this task

The following procedure removes a previously installed or partially installed GSKit package. The dependencies are checked before any package is removed. If a dependency exists, the action taken is defined in the admin file.


Run the pkgrm command to remove each package.
To remove the installation completely from a system using pkgrm you need to run:
pkgrm GSKit_Crypt_Package GSKit_SSL_Package
For example:
pkgrm gsk8ssl32 gsk8cry32 
The default mode of the command is interactive, meaning that prompt messages enable you to confirm the actions being taken. A non-interactive mode can be requested with the -n option. However, the command will exit if there is a need for interaction. If you require a completely non-interactive installation to take place, you will need to create an admin file and use the option -a.