Scenario: Installation of IBM Data Studio components

This scenario describes the installation of IBM Data Studio components from the Db2® Enterprise Server Edition product media.

The computer is running Linux® operating system and has an internet connection.

Starting the Db2 Setup wizard
To start the Db2 Setup wizard, run the db2setup command from the directory where the Db2 installation image resides as follows:
./db2setup -l /tmp/db2setup.log -t /tmp/db2setup.trc
The -l and -t recommended parameters enable Db2 logging and tracing.
After you issue this command, the IBM Db2 Setup Launchpad opens. The following figures shows the Db2 Setup Launchpad:
Figure 1. Db2 Setup launchpad
A view of the Db2 Setup Launchpad

From this window, you can view the Db2 Enterprise Server Edition release information, upgrade options and pre-installation planning, or you can proceed directly to the IBM Data Studio installation.

Installing IBM Data Studio
To install the IBM Data Studio components, click Install Data Studio components. The Install Data Studio components panel displays the products available for installation.
Figure 2. Install Data Studio components Panel
A view of the Install Data Studio components Panel.

To install the IBM Data Studio full client and web console, click Install . The Installation Manager is called to download and install the IBM Data Studio components.

Follow the installation wizard to install the IBM Data Studio components.