Supported database application programming interfaces

You can use any of the following programming interfaces to manage or access Db2® databases.

You can:
  • Use Db2 APIs to perform administrative functions such as backing up and restoring databases.
  • Embed static and dynamic SQL statements in your applications programmed in C, C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, and REXX.
  • Code Db2 Call Level Interface (Db2 CLI) function calls in your applications to invoke dynamic SQL statements.
  • Develop Java™ applications and applets using the Java Database Connectivity application programming interface (JDBC API) or embedded SQL for Java (SQLJ).
  • Develop Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C++ applications using ActiveX Data Object (ADO).
  • Develop ADO.NET applications using IBM® Data Server Provider for .NET (Db2 .NET).
  • Develop applications using IBM or third-party tools such as Excel, Perl, and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) end-user tools such as Lotus® Approach®, and its programming language, LotusScript®.
  • Develop web applications using PHP scripting language and Ruby on Rails (RoR) which is a framework for developing web applications that access databases.
  • Develop web applications using Python, which is a general purpose, high-level scripting language that is well-suited for rapid application development.
  • Use Oracle Call Interface (OCI) applications to access Db2 databases. The IBM Data Server Driver for Db2CI provides support for calls to a number of OCI APIs.