Collecting data for Db2

Sometimes you cannot solve a problem simply by troubleshooting the symptoms. In such cases, you must collect diagnostic data. The diagnostic data that you must collect and the sources from which you collect that data are dependent on the type of problem that you are investigating. These steps represent how to collect the base set of information that you typically must provide when you submit a problem to IBM Software Support.

Before you begin

To obtain the most complete output, the db2support utility should be invoked by the instance owner.


To collect the base set of diagnostic information in a compressed file archive, enter the db2support command:
db2support output_directory -s -d database_name -c

Using -s will give system details about the hardware used and the operating system. Using -d will give details about the specified database. Using -c allows for an attempt to connect to the specified database.

The output is conveniently collected and stored in a compressed ZIP archive,, so that it can be transferred and extracted easily on any system.

What to do next

For specific symptoms, or for problems in a specific part of the product, you might have to collect additional data. Refer to the problem-specific "Collecting data" documents.

You can do any of the following tasks next:
  • Analyze the data
  • Submit the data to IBM Software Support