Installing Db2 Accessories Suite for Db2 Text Search

The Rich Text Filter (RTF) in theDb2 Accessories Suite enables indexing and search for documents with rich text and proprietary formats with Db2 Text Search. You can start a new install or run the install on top of an existing installation.

Before you begin

Note: To install the stand-alone Db2 text search server, refer to Installing a stand-alone Db2 Text Search server.
To install the Rich Text Filter (RTF) in the Db2 Accessories Suite on Linux® and UNIX, you need to be logged on to the Db2 server as a system administrator. On Windows, you must logon as a user with Local Administrator authority.

Download the RTF. For the download link, see IBM DB2 Accessories Suite for Linux, UNIX, and Windows. Install the most up-to-date version of the RTF release or fix pack to ensure proper functioning of the feature.

Ensure the installer file, the license file, and the release info file are in the same directory.

On Windows, install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012, available from the Microsoft Download Center. This package provides the required Visual C++ support to successfully run the text extractor in the RTF.

DB2PATH represents the Db2 database server installation directory. On Linux/Unix platforms, it is commonly located under /opt/ibm/db2/<Db2 version>. On Windows, it is commonly located under C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\.


To install the RTF:

  1. Log on to the Db2 database server as a system administrator who has write privilege in the Db2 Text Search installation directory. The Text Search directory is located under the <DB2PATH>/db2tss directory.
  2. There are two installation modes. One option is console installation, while the other is silent installation.
    • Option 1 is to complete a console install:
      1. Run the RTF installer.
        • To install on Linux and UNIX, run the richtextfilter<version>.bin installer from the command line. Where <version> denotes the latest version for the platform.
        • To install on Windows, you can do one of the following options:
          • Run the installer richtextfilter<version>.exe from the command window
          • Double click the richtextfilter<version>.exe file.
      2. After accepting the license, enter the location of the db2tss subdirectory in the Db2 database server installation directory when prompted for the install path. For example, <DB2PATH>/db2tss.
      3. The db2tss directory must already exist. If it is missing, Db2 Text Search has not been properly installed and configured.
      4. Review the summary and confirm the installation.
    • Option 2 is to complete a silent install:
      1. Modify and update the file as necessary. Set the variables LICENSE_ACCEPTED and USER_INSTALL_DIR as the following:
        #Choose DB2 Text Search Install Path
        #Notice: Use double backslashes as path separator on Windows

        where <DB2PATH> is the path to the db2tss directory. This directory is commonly the instance directory.

      2. Run the accessories suite filter installer with silent model.
        • Run the richtextfilter<version>.bin -i silent -f command from the command line on Linux and UNIX platforms.
        • Run the richtextfilter<version>.exe -i silent -f command from the command window on the Windows platform.
  3. You can now enable rich text document support for Db2 Text Search. See, Enabling Db2 Text Search for rich text document support for more details.


You have successfully installed and enabled the RTF.