Setting up the GSDB sample database

This product includes a sample database called GSDB. The GSDB database contains sales data for a fictional company that sells outdoor equipment.

The sample database is contained in a compressed file. To set up the sample database, you must expand the file, customize a configuration file, and run a script. Alternatively, if the sample database is installed remotely, you can connect to it from your local computer.

Before you begin

Make sure that the following conditions are met:

  • You installed the compressed file for the sample database. This file is installed when you select the Samples option in the installation program.
  • On Linux® or UNIX, make sure that the file permissions on the are set up so that it is executable. For example: chmod u+x
  • The user ID that you use to set up the database has either DBADM authority or the following Db2® authorities:
    • LOAD