Investigating Tivoli SA MP states with Db2 commands

This topic details how to map the states shown by Tivoli SA MP and RSCT to the states returned by Db2 tools.


Commands from Tivoli SA MP and RSCT which show information can be safely run, however, it is not recommended to run commands that change a state or cause actions to occur in Tivoli SA MP or RSCT. Db2 cluster services controls these resources via the policies setup, and so external changes may result in unexpected actions to occur.
Note: Only the most important mappings are shown in this topic.
The Db2 cluster services tooling commands that show this information are:
  • db2cluster -list -alert
  • db2instance -list

When running the lssam command and the following scenario is encountered:

  • A resource is failed offline
    • A failed offline resource may not indicate a problem, based on what is specified in the output. To see if this maps to a problem, run the following commands:
      1. db2instance -list
      2. db2cluster -list -alert
    • Run the db2cluster -list -alert command and follow the instructions returned by that command. If you are unable to resolve the issue, follow the instructions that follow:
      • If a db2start command was issued, see CF server failure.
      • If a db2start command was not issued, contact IBM Service.
    • Failed offline states may be cleared via the db2cluster -clear -alert command if the alert appears in the db2cluster -list -alert command output. It is not recommended to clear these states via Tivoli SA MP or RSCT commands.
  • A resource is pending online
    • Wait for the resource to come online if a db2start command was issued, or if the resource is undergoing a restart operation.
      • If the state later moves to failed offline see A resource is failed offline .
    • Run db2instance -list to see whether or not the instance has been started. Pending Online states may appear in lssam output when the instance is stopped, and is waiting for db2start to be issued by the user.
  • A resource is offline
    • db2stop has been issued and has completed.
    • db2start has been issued, a dependent resource may be unavailable. Issue db2cluster -list -alert to see if there are any alerts that may need to be cleared, or investigated. For instance, a network adapter may be malfunctioning, or a host may be unavailable.
  • A resource is pending offline
    • If db2stop was issued, wait for the resource to change to offline.
    • If db2stop was not issued, this could be the result of a member returning to it's home host. Run db2instance -list to verify that it comes up again. Run db2cluster -list -alert to verify that there are no issues that may have caused the Pending Offline to occur. See the section on 'A resource is offline if the pending offline transitions to offline.
  • A resource is unknown
    • This is a transient state. Rerun lssam to see if the state clears itself.
    • A machine may be offline, resulting in the inability to run the monitor.
    • run db2instance -list to see whether the host is active. If the host is not active, contact IBM Service.
  • A resource group has an ineligible state
    • This may be a transient state. Rerun lssam to see if the state clears itself.
      • If the problem persists then run db2instance -list and db2cluster -list -alert for more information about what steps to take next.
1 For more information on Tivoli SA MP commands, see this link.