Taking a Db2 server offline for upgrade or for converting to a Db2 pureScale environment

Before you can continue with the upgrade process, or the conversion of your environment for Db2 pureScale, you must take your Db2 server offline by stopping the Db2 license service, stopping all command line processor sessions, disconnecting applications and users, and stopping the database manager.

Before you begin

You must have SYSADM authority.


To take your Db2 server offline:

  1. Stop the Db2 license service:
       db2licd -end
  2. Disconnect all applications and users. To get a list of all database connections for the current instance, issue the LIST APPLICATIONS command. If all applications are disconnected, this command returns the following message:
       db2 list applications
         SQL1611W No data was returned by the Database System Monitor.
    To disconnect all applications and users, use the FORCE APPLICATION command:
       db2 force application all
  3. Stop all command line processor sessions by entering the following command in each session that was running the command line processor.
       db2 terminate
  4. When all applications and users are disconnected, stop the database manager instance:

What to do next

Convert your existing Db2 instances to a Db2 pureScale environment.