Verifying that your databases are ready for a Db2 pureScale environment

Before converting your environment to Db2 pureScale, use the db2checkSD command to verify that your databases are ready for use in a Db2 pureScale environment.

Before you begin


To verify that your databases are ready for conversion:

  1. Log on as the owner of the Db2 instance that you want to convert.
  2. If the instance owning the databases that you want to verify is not running, start the instance by running the db2start command.
  3. Change to the $DB2DIR/bin directory where DB2DIR is the location that you specified during the Db2 installation.
  4. Check that your databases meet the requirements for converting to a Db2 pureScale environment by running the db2checkSD command.
    The following example shows how to run the db2checkSD command on the SAMPLE database:
       db2checkSD SAMPLE -l db2checkSD.log -u adminuser -p password
        DBT5000I  The db2checkSD command completed successfully.  
        The specified database can be upgraded to a Db2
    pureScale environment.
    where db2checkSD.log is the log file created in the INSTHOME/sqllib/db2dump/ directory and INSTHOME is the instance home directory. The db2checkSD.log includes details on errors and warnings. You must correct all errors reported in the log before you can convert.
  5. Ensure that the log file for the db2checkSD command starts with the following text to confirm that you are running the correct command level:
    Version of DB2CHECKSD being run: version 11.1.