max_querydegree - Maximum query degree of parallelism configuration parameter

This parameter specifies the maximum degree of intrapartition parallelism that is used for any SQL statement executing on this instance of the database manager. An SQL statement will not use more than this number of parallel operations within a database partition when the statement is executed.

Configuration type
Database manager
Applies to
  • Database server with local and remote clients
  • Database server with local clients
  • Partitioned database server with local and remote clients
Parameter type
Configurable Online
Propagation class
Statement boundary
Default [range]
-1 (ANY) [ANY, 1 - 32 767] (ANY means system-determined)
Note: The default value is subject to change by the Db2® Configuration Advisor after initial database creation.

The intra_parallel configuration parameter must be set to YES to enable the database partition to use intrapartition parallelism for SQL statements. The intra_parallel parameter is no longer required for parallel index creation.

The default value for this configuration parameter is -1. This value means that the system uses the degree of parallelism determined by the optimizer; otherwise, the user-specified value is used.

Note: The degree of parallelism for an SQL statement can be specified at statement compilation time using the CURRENT DEGREE special register or the DEGREE bind option.
The maximum query degree of parallelism for an active application can be modified using the SET RUNTIME DEGREE command. The actual runtime degree used is the lower of:
  • max_querydegree configuration parameter
  • Application runtime degree
  • SQL statement compilation degree
  • MAXIMUM DEGREE service class option
  • MAXIMUM DEGREE workload option

This configuration parameter applies to queries only.