groupheap_ratio - Percent of memory for application group heap configuration parameter

This parameter has been deprecated since Version 9.5, but is still being used by pre-Version 9.5 data servers and clients. Any value specified for this configuration parameter will be ignored by the database manager in Db2® Version 9.5 or later releases. In Version 9.5, it has been replaced by the appl_memory configuration parameter.
Note: The following information applies only to pre-Version 9.5 data servers and clients.
This parameter specifies the percentage of memory in the application control shared memory set devoted to the application group shared heap.
Configuration type
Parameter type
Default [range]
70 [1 - 99 ]
Unit of measure

This parameter does not have any effect on a non-partitioned database with concentrator OFF and intrapartition parallelism disabled.

Recommendation: Retain the default value of this parameter unless you are experiencing performance problems.