cf_lock_sz - CF Lock manager configuration parameter

This parameter determines the memory size used by the CF for locking usage for this database.

Configuration type
Applies to
Applies to a Db2® pureScale® instance only.
  • Database server with local and remote clients
Parameter type
Configurable online
Default [range]
AUTOMATIC [AUTOMATIC, 4096 - 1073741824]
Unit of measure
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When allocated
When the database is first activated on any member.
Note: Memory is allocated on the CF and not on any of the members. If there is more than one CF then each CF allocates the same amount of memory.
When freed
When the database is deactivated on all members.

This is a global configuration parameter, meaning that the same value is used for every member in the Db2 pureScale instance.

Note that the memory on the CF is only allocated once; when the database is first activated on any of the members. You can monitor the consumption of the CF lock memory using the current_cf_lock_size monitor element.