Data management and application development tools

IBM® InfoSphere® Optim™ solutions offer proven, integrated capabilities that improve performance, streamline database administration, speed application development, and enable effective governance. These capabilities scale across enterprise applications, databases, and platforms.

You can use InfoSphere Optim solutions to manage your data and applications throughout their entire life cycle; from the gathering of requirements through to the retirement of the application. Individual solutions provide powerful capabilities that target specific data management roles and tasks; more importantly, the solutions interoperate seamlessly, fostering cross-role collaboration, productivity, and effectiveness.

For Db2® database users, the IBM Data Studio and InfoSphere Optim solutions deliver tools that can help manage costs, enhance performance, simplify administration, and speed application development. Db2 Warehouse users will find that the monitoring, administration, and application development functions are valuable extensions to the tools already available to them.

For more information about the best tools for your Db2 database products, or to download the most recent version of IBM Data Studio or InfoSphere Optim tools, visit the InfoSphere Optim Data Management Solutions web page at