Data compression

You can reduce storage needed for your data by using the compression capabilities built into Db2® to reduce the size of tables, indexes and even your backup images.

Tables and indexes often contain repeated information. This repetition can range from individual or combined column values, to common prefixes for column values, or to repeating patterns in XML data. There are a number of compression capabilities that you can use to reduce the amount of space required to store your tables and indexes, along with features you can employ to determine the savings compression can offer.

You can also use backup compression to reduce the size of your backups.

Compression capabilities included with most editions of Db2 include:
  • Value compression
  • Backup compression.
The following additional compression capabilities are available with the a license for the Db2 Storage Optimization Feature:
  • Row compression, including compression for XML storage objects.
  • Temporary table compression
  • Index compression.