Enabling remote access to database performance information

To see Windows performance objects for a database that runs on a different computer, you must register an administrator username and password with the Db2® database manager. The default Windows Performance Monitor username, SYSTEM, is reserved and cannot be used.

About this task

If your workstation is networked to other Windows computers, you can use the feature described in this section.
To register the name, type:
   db2perfr -r username password
Note: The username used must conform to the database naming rules.

The username and password data is held in a key in the registry, with security that allows access only by administrators and the SYSTEM account. The data is encoded to prevent security concerns about storing an administrator password in the registry.

  1. Once a username and password combination has been registered with the database system, even local instances of the Performance Monitor will explicitly log on using that username and password. This means that if the username information registered with the database system does not match, local sessions of the Performance Monitor will not show database performance information.
  2. The username and password combination must be maintained to match the username and password values stored in the Windows Security database. If the username or password is changed in the Windows Security database, the username and password combination used for remote performance monitoring must be reset.
  3. To deregister, type:
       db2perfr -u <username> <password>