An overview of installing Db2 database servers (Linux and UNIX)

This topic outlines the steps for installing your Db2 server product on AIX®, and Linux®.


To install your Db2 server product:

  1. Review your Db2 product prerequisites.
  2. Review Db2 upgrade information if applicable.
  3. On all platforms, except for Linux on x86_32, you must install a 64-bit kernel before proceeding with the installation, otherwise the installation will fail.
  4. Prepare the installation media:
    Product DVD
    If the Db2 product DVD does not automount, mount your Db2 product DVD.
    Installation image
    If you downloaded an installation image, untar the file.
  5. Install your Db2 product using one of the available methods:
    • The Db2 Setup wizard
    • A silent installation using a response file
    • Payload file deployment
    For Db2 servers, you can use the Db2 Setup wizard to perform installation and configuration tasks, such as:
    • Selecting Db2 installation type (typical, compact, or custom).
    • Selecting Db2 product installation location.
    • Install the languages that you can specify later as the default language for the product interface and messages.
    • Install or upgrade the IBM® Tivoli® System Automation for Multiplatforms (Linux and AIX).
    • Setting up a Db2 instance.
    • Setting up the Db2 Text Search server.
    • Setting up and configuring your instance setup and configuration (including instance user setup).
    • Setting up Informix® data source support.
    • Preparing the Db2 tools catalog.
    • Creating response files.
  6. If you installed a Db2 server using a method other than the Db2 Setup wizard, post-installation configuration steps are required.