Enabling the system error or event log (AIX)

The system error or event logs (syslog) are one set of diagnostic files that track activity and failures. On AIX systems, you need to manually enable the system logs.

About this task

The syslog content is not as comprehensive as the db2diag.log file, but you can find valuable diagnostic information there when the database manager is unable to write to the db2diag.log file or when there are errors in the Tivoli SA MP and RSCT subsystems.

You need to set up the log configuration file (/etc/syslog.conf) in order to enable system error logging on AIX. (On Linux, system error logging is enabled by default.)


To enable system error or event logging, perform the following steps on each server:

  1. Ensure that the syslog target file exists (assuming syslog.out is defined as the target file)
    touch /var/log/syslog.out
  2. Restart the syslog daemon (syslogd) to pick up the changes to its config file (/etc/syslog.conf)
    refresh -s syslogd

What to do next

To access the syslog output file, use the following command: /usr/bin/errpt -a