LobMaxColumnSize IBM data server driver configuration keyword

Overrides the default value in the COLUMN_SIZE column for LOB data types.

Equivalent CLI keyword
Equivalent IBM® data server provider for .NET connection string keyword
IBM data server driver configuration file (db2dsdriver.cfg) syntax
<parameter name="LobMaxColumnSize" value="integer greater than zero"/>
Default setting:
2 Gigabytes (1 Gigabytes for DBCLOB).
Usage notes:

The LobMaxColumnSize keyword overrides the 2 Gigabyte (1 Gigabyte for DBCLOB) value that is returned by the SQLGetTypeInfo() function for the COLUMN_SIZE column for SQL_CLOB, SQL_BLOB, and SQL_DBCLOB and SQL_XML SQL data types. For SQL_XML, the LobMaxColumnSize keyword must be specified with the XMLDefaultDescribeMapping keyword set to a LOB type. Subsequent CREATE TABLE statements that contain LOB columns use the column size value that you set here instead of the default.