CurrentPackageSet IBM data server driver configuration keyword

Issues the SET CURRENT PACKAGESET statement after every connection.

Equivalent CLI keyword
Equivalent IBM® Data Server Provider for .NET connection string keyword
db2dsdriver.cfg configuration syntax
<parameter name="CurrentPackageSet" value="schema name"/>
Default setting:
The clause is not appended.
Equivalent connection attribute:
Usage notes:

This option issues the SET CURRENT PACKAGESET SQL statement with the CurrentPackageSet value after every connection to a database. By default this clause is not appended.

The SET CURRENT PACKAGESET SQL statement sets the schema name (collection identifier) that is used to select the package to use for subsequent SQL statements.

Applications issue dynamic SQL statements. Using this option you can control the privileges used to run these statements:
  • Choose a schema to use when running SQL statements from applications.
  • Ensure the objects in the schema have the required privileges and then rebind accordingly.
  • Set the CurrentPackageSet option to this schema.

The SQL statements from the applications will now run under the specified schema and use the privileges defined there.

The following package set names are reserved: NULLID, NULLIDR1, NULLIDRA.

If both the Reopt and CurrentPackageSet keywords are specified, CurrentPackageSet takes precedence.