Client access to JSON documents

You can create, modify, or remove JSON documents that are stored in a Db2® database.

For a list of known issues for client access to JSON, go to Known issues for DB2 JSON application development for IBM data servers

The Db2 NoSQL capability allows JSON documents that are stored in a Db2 database server to be manipulated in the following three ways:
  • The Db2 JSON capability for Java™ API provides a set of methods for storing, retrieving, and manipulating JSON documents. These methods can be called by Java applications directly through the API to work with the documents in the database. Since Db2 database server is the data store, this component translates the operations that are requested in the method invocations into SQL statements.
  • The Db2 JSON command line is a command shell for running administrative commands for JSON document collections and for running queries and update operations against the JSON collections. It is similar to the Db2 CLP interface.
  • The Db2 JSON for JSON wire listener is a server application that intercepts the Mongo wire protocol. It acts as a mid-tier gateway server between MongoDB applications and Db2. It uses the Db2NoSQL for JSON API to interface with the Db2 database server as the data store. You can run a MongoDB application that is written in application programming languages (such as Java, NodeJS, PHP, and Ruby), or can use the MongoDB CLI to communicate with the Db2 server.